Who should I contact to apply for a loan?

When looking for funding, the classic question is:

“Who should I contact?”.

"Who should I contact?".

It is certainly important to answer this question to know the various possibilities and now we will see what they are, but this is not enough.  There are different types of financing, each with its own specificity that adapts to some needs rather than others. The main point, therefore, is not only to understand who to go to, but also to identify what kind of need we have.

Only if we understand this first, can we then better target the person (s) who can meet our specific need.  Let’s proceed with order.  To answer the first question, we will immediately say that the loans can be disbursed by banks or financial companies , that is, entities other than banks, authorized by the Good Bank of Italy to provide credit professionally to the public.

To place their services, banks and financial companies can use credit intermediaries: agents in financial activity (see article “who is the agent in financial activity?”) And credit brokers, all specific professional figures, registered in a special list kept by an independent body called OAM.

The main difference between an agent and a mediator is that while the former works directly on behalf of the lender and can conclude the contract, the mediator is an independent entity, which can therefore be the bearer of offers from multiple institutions, and can only promote the contract without conclude it by asking the consumer for compensation for his mediation activity.

Request a personalized financial consultation. 

Request a personalized financial consultation. 

It is important to know that the bank or financial company, in turn, can also offer financing from other banks or companies. This happens because, in some cases, an institution, such as a bank, may find it more convenient to offer a certain financial service, by relying on an external company specialized in that particular service, rather than managing it directly.

In fact, given the different types of financing that exist – personal loan, loan through assignment of the fifth, mortgage loan, credit card, finalized loan – each with its specificity, almost never, a single bank or financial company is able to offer the whole range of loans available, managing to be competitive in terms of speed and convenience of the service itself.

Request a free consultation today. 

Request a free consultation today. 

We must also know that when money is needed to purchase a specific good or service, the offer of financing can be made directly by the retailer himself of that good or service in which we are interested. It is clear that to finance us is always a financial company, specialized in this type of consumer loans, against an existing agreement with the store.

Well, now that we have a fairly complete picture of who the operators of the financing market are, how do we understand who to turn to?  In general, in the face of such a wide range of services and operators willing to offer them, it is always advisable to compare the various proposals.

From what has been said, it can already be understood that for a small need linked, for example, to the purchase of an asset worth a few hundred USD, it does not make sense to go to the bank to ask for a loan but you can get it directly from the dealer who will have already an agreement with a specialized financial company.

If, on the other hand, the need is for a mortgage loan, after turning to your bank, you can compare the offer received with that of companies specializing in the provision of mortgages which, precisely because of their specialization, often manage to be very competitive in every sense.

We can do the same if we are interested in a personal loan, for example, making sure that the proposal of our trusted bank is not, in reality, that of a company external to the bank itself, because at that point we could directly evaluate offers from third parties.

For the transfer of the fifth, however, given the particularities that it presents, it may be more appropriate to turn to specialized financial companies, able to offer an efficient and competitive service to all categories of workers concerned, including the category of pensioners (see article “What is the transfer of the fifth? And who can request it? “).

Finally, if what has been said is not enough to resolve our doubts, we must not forget that to be helped to orientate ourselves in the often complicated world of financing, a figure like the agent in financial activity can be a valid support in choosing the solution. more timely and convenient. Obviously, always after making sure that our interlocutor has the necessary requirements to be able to operate (see article “What is the agents and mediators body?”).

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